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Backpack | made from coconut water - THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS

Backpack | made from coconut water

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Dimensions | H 37 x W 46 cm

"Backpack & Tote Bag" | unique objects made from waste coconut water
design by Malai / Slovakia & India 

This backpack doubles-up as a both a backpack and a tote bag and is made from a newly developed biocomposite material called Malai, made from entirely organic and sustainable bacterial cellulose, grown on agricultural waste sourced from the coconut industry in Southern India.

Combining a lightweight construction and comfortable design, makes this bag the perfect versatile solution to accompany you anywhere with ease. The backpack  offers both comfort and security with two slip, front pockets as well as secure inner pockets and a large compartment to fit your laptop. 

Waste coconut water, which is otherwise dumped causing further pollution to the soil is collected and re-purposed to feed the bacteria cellulose production. A small coconut-pressing unit can collect 4000 litres of water per day, which is then used to make 320 sq.m of Malai.

Malai is flexible and durable material that has a feel close to leather and paper, which is also water-resistant and because contains absolutely no artificial "nasties" it will not cause allergies, intolerance or illness.

The backpack is 100% vegan product and if things get really tough you could even eat it although is way too pretty for that!

How to recycle: A product made from Malai will last many years when properly cared for, however should you wish to have a clear-out, it can simply be placed in your compostable waste where it breaks down naturally.

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