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Bio Marble I bio-degradable ingredients & dyes - THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS

Bio Marble | bio-degradable ingredients & dyes

Waste Paper 
design by Hannah  Elisabeth Jones

Price | £720.00 per Square metre 

Bio Marble is a unique new, flexible material  made from waste paper pulp, biodegradable ingredients and dyes. The mixture goes through a refined process of making, resulting in sheets of BioMarble - a flexible material with a unique and intriguing surface pattern.

Geometric units are cut from a palette of different BioMarble colours, then stitched together in an ombré formation, using traditional patchwork techniques to form 3-Dimensional tessellations.

Influenced by the Welsh country side, Hannah  Elisabeth Jones has managed to create a stunning palette of colours from which she creates geometric units that are connected together to form large scale artworks.