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Candle Holder | made from microwave glass waste

Candle Holder | made from microwave glass waste

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Dimensions: Ø10-15cm, hole Ø2,0 cm

"Common Sands Candle Holder" | unique objects, using glass-waste 
design by Studio Plastique / Belgium

"Common Sands" Candle Holders are made using the leftover glass drips of the glass crucible, placed on top of one another to create simple yet perfectly conscious and individually unique pieces. 

The silicates used for candle holders requires longer melting time to reduce the bubbles within the material and as it uses leftover glass each piece is slightly different in size and weight, which we hope you see as an advantage rather than a vice!

Common Sands is a collection of decorative and functional homeware products made from waste-glass components of discarded household appliances such as fridges, microwaves and scales and is the result of intensive collaborations with experts and craftsmen, leading to the development of new methods and ultimately new perspectives for those local resources of global heritage.

The glass components used for household appliances have inconsistent properties that renders this glass undesirable by the glass industry aiming for consistent results. The varying properties are due to features such as metal oxide coatings used on the glass, coloured glass and or varying glass compositions but as glass is chemically inert, it is safe to re-use even for food-related purposes. 

Contrary to the glass industry, these same properties are seen as added value by Studio Plastique as they explore and celebrate the unique qualities of this unexploited resource. Each "Common Sands" object is laser engraved to indicate its origin, location and date of transformation to facilitate and establish an informed relationship between resource, transformation and user.

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