Candle Holder | made from recycled paper pulp

Candle Holder | made from recycled paper pulp

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Recycling Reject
Eindhoven / The Netherlands

Recycled Paper Pulp
Size I 230mm x 50mm x 35mm 

Recycling Reject represents a stunning series of contemporary, minimalistic furniture and accessories, designed to facilitate the transition to stylish but sustainable living! 

Paper cellulose fibre can be recycled several times. The fibres must then be sieved from the cycle and disposed of as waste. A single recycling plant produces up to 75 tons of waste paper every week and during the process, a large number of fibres, such as plastic, wood and unrecyclable paper are separated and collected as screen waste.

Tim Teven's range of interior products, demonstrate the possibility of using non recyclable fibres as a building material by pressing them into a hard solid and thus adding another cycle to the raw, cellulose fibre. The new material is used as building blocks for shelves, benches, tables, stools and accessories, offering a number of features applicable for bespoke requirements and client-specific work. 

For further enquiries or bespoke projects, please Contact us here.

How to recycle: Once made into a building block, the screen waste becomes non degradable.

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