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Burden | VTL_0016

Leather offcuts, vegetable tanned, knitting
Unique, one-off sculpture
Size | 40 x 30 x 103cm

Sculpture by    E   S   N   A      S   U  
London / England


The empty shells represent the memories of destroyed lives by moulding knitted vegetable tanned leather cord around artist’s cherished objects. The material used was once a skin and took the form of a body now it embraces the sentimental objects to form hallow shapes, which in return contain memories and the loss of the past.

The Burden by Esna Su is based on the struggle of Syrian refugees who have been forced to abandon their homes and flee the conflict, continuing their lives in memories in sprawling refugee camps.  

Su’s work reflected her observation while she was in her hometown Antioch /South of Turkey, where most of Syrian refugees reached in order to secure their lives. Her artworks emphasise on the destruction of lives, resulting in the loss of homes, land and belongings. Their lives will continue in isolated societies, away from home and longing to return to the countries where they belong. 

The Refugee I’ based on struggle of Syrian refugees who flee the conflict, continuing their lives in small tents in sprawling refugee camps. Paper rush combined with Syrian carpet ‘hasir’ technique to represent the need for protection. The works almost cover the wearer to give a warm, therapeutic feeling.

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