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With the natural environment pushed to its limits and consumerism ineptly devised to deal with the issues we now face, there is little doubt about the necessity to alter our perspective on consumption as well as what our true needs and desires are. Perhaps this can start with the simple, routine shopping choices we make daily or could progress to questions with a deeper impact about how we live and with it even more profound answers! 

What really is a luxurious product? How do we live in a more sustainable way? Can we manufacture ethical alternatives without further depleting natural resources and cause environmental harm? These are the objectives and the direction of our course, one that is as much about the individual as it is about our collective choices.

THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS is a step in a new direction! It is the first of its kind shop in the UK that curates, showcases and sells exclusively work from designers spearheading innovative and sustainable products. It explores an incredible array of designers, their vision and agile thinking in the quest for new technologies and better use of natural resources. It supports and showcases pioneers of renewable materials to create a sophisticated collection of ethical products that demonstrates artisanal skills against a backdrop of sustainability and innovation. It reveals the possibilities of crafting not only aesthetically beautiful but useful everyday objects without putting more strain on global resources.  

The current selection explores the use of construction waste, hemp, mycelium, discarded eggs, tree bark, coffee and tea waste as building materials. It demonstrate how so-called waste” can be upcycled and transformed into valuable products. By taking this route we open up the possibilities of creating aesthetically beautiful and useful everyday objects without putting more strain on global resources. It delivers an insight and importantly an alternative to the conventional market as well as providing fresh ideas and a spectrum of unique opportunities for interior designers, architects and other creatives to advance their fields.

Providing transparency of the work and supply process is essential to understanding and embracing the approach and craft of those involved and is at the forefront of our ethos. Our design output is supported by niche literature, providing invaluable insight on current developments in the field of sustainability as well as updates on new material developments and their applications.

In addition, those interested will be able to handle textures and discuss design and interior projects as well as meet the makers through pre-arranged studios visits and workshops.


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