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The Forgotten Collection / Bowl with stand | made from bamboo charcoal & shellac

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'The Forgotten Collection'
Pressed composite 
Size | 9 x 17 x 5 cm

by Lapatsch & Unger | Berlin / Germany

The Forgotten Collection represents the very tip of the crossover between art and and design. A material research into materiality, time, value, production and reproduction that generates a new imagination and thus, an archaeological record of radical alchemistic discoveries, reinterpreting materials lost to oblivion and mass production.

The Forgotten Collection introduces a new thermoplastic, combining shellac and bamboo charcoal. Based on the history of natural resins, the objects within the project illustrate an imaginary Eden. By experimenting with compositions, moulds and manufacturing methods, different processes are applied to create a variety of effects across the series of biodegradable and sustainable designs, made without any toxic components. Thanks to the material used, each object can be melted again and again, and thus transformed into various shapes, allowing one’s imagination to take over. 

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