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Glass Vase | made from microwave waste-glass

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Dimensions | Ø 11cm x 15cm
Weight: 350 gr approx

"Common Sands" Vase
handblown objects using waste glass 

design by Studio Plastique / Belgium

Mouth-blown in wooden mould, the vases made from upcycled, microwave glass can vary in colour tones from green to brown and grey. That colour range along with the melting time controlled during the design process impact the consistency of glass bubbles and makes each object unique. 

Common Sands by Studio Plastique is a collection of decorative and functional homeware products made from glass components collected from discarded household appliances such as fridges, microwaves, scales and washing machines. The collection is the result of rigorous collaborations between the studio, experts and craftsmen that underlines the usability of this underused material resource. 

The inconsistent properties of household appliances' glass components are caused by features such as metal oxide coating, coloured glass and/or varying glass composition that renders them undesirable by the glass industry aiming for consistent results. However, as glass is chemically inert, meaning it is safe to re-use even for food-related purposes, these same varying properties are seen as beneficial by Studio Plastique and is their intent to explore and celebrate the unique qualities and colours through their design process.

By laser engraving each object the Studio Plastique indicates the origin, location and date of transformation in order to establish an informed relationship between resource, transformation and user.

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