udumbara tao bowl
organic wild clay pottery
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Tao Tea bowl | wild clay pottery

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Earth-friendly pottery 
by UDUMBARA Helsinki

Hand-made using wild natural clay
Size | 10(d) x 5(h) cm

Udumbara's Tao bowls are designed to be used and that is not just a saying! As you rub them while casually using the bowls, wild clay begins to shine. Hence why well-loved wild clay bowl is actually glowing! The light, milky colour glaze would also eventually develop fine crackles and as time passes the tea seeps in the crackles to develop a patina that is prized and cherished amongst tea connoisseurs.

UDUMBARA’s earth-friendly pottery, have been made in Kallio, Helsinki since 1994. All products are hand-made, using wild, natural clay from the small village of Kultela in Somero, Southwestern Finland. 

The  studio  emphasises on the unique values of natural clay as well as being warm, homely and above all an ecological choice.  Wild  clay has its own temperamental nature and requires  plenty of patience. The material is very delicate and bigger objects would require months of clay ageing before firing. 

Thanks to the porous nature of the clay and its rich iron and mineral content, tea brewed in Kultela’s clay are enhanced by wonderfully rich, earthy character. All products are made using, low-heat, firing method, powered by solar energy.

Each item is hand-made and it might vary slightly in colour or appearance, which we hope you see as an advantage rather than a vice!

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